Jose Enrique | Newcastle to Liverpool

Another supposed long running saga regarding a supposed Liverpool transfer target. I suppose with the Stuart Downing and Charlie Adam signings completed it was inevitable the papers would start running this one again. Liverpool do need a left back however and on the basis of last season, Jose Enrique who put some decent performances in for Newcastle, I think he would be a fairly good signing. He’s quick footed, has a decent delivery, is good on the ball and has an attacking mindset. His defensive capabilities are questionable but there aren’t many full backs in world football who can defend to a world class level.


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Hello everyone, I'm Matt from The Wirral, Merseyside. I'm a your everyday guy, I like sport, video games, movies, the internet and boobs. I'm a 'try to stay positive' kind of guy. Anything emo or dpressing I'm not interested in. I like to rant, rave and complain from time to time though.

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