Christopher Nolan | A Modern Day Genius

Christopher Nolan

A Modern Day Genius

He’s a fucking class A director. I mean every film he’s ever made has been “woah, fuck me” material. Memento was his first mainstream movie, starring Guy Pearce from ‘Neighbours.’ A total mindfuck of a movie going both forwards and backwards at the same time. Then you had ‘Insomnia’ starring Mrs Doubtfire and Michael Corleone, well Robin Williams and Al Pacino. With them two starring it was hardly going to fail was it?

Then ‘Batman Begins’ were he turned the campest superhero into the most badass superhero. Starring Patrick Batemen as the titular character and Ebenezer Scrooge from ‘The Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ as his butler, Batman Begins was everything a Batman movie should be, dark, violent and gothic with a ridiculously good origins story thrown in.

Then we had ‘The Prestige,’ his “worst” film but still a fucking top notch movie once again starring Patrick Bateman and Ebenezer Scrooge but this time with Wolverine, the girl who whispers in Bill Murray’s ear,  Gollum and David fucking Bowie. David. Fucking. Bowie. Do I need to sell it any more? I might go watch Labyrinth now.

Then in 2008 along comes the  biggest of his movies to date in terms of money and universal popularity ‘The Dark Knight,’ once again starring Patrick Bateman, Ebenezer Scrooge but this time with one of the gay cowboys from ‘Brokeback Mountain’ playing a psychotic clown and he was sick good playing the clown. Even darker in tone than ‘Batman Begins’ yet somehow not just a comic book movie but a movie about ideas, philosophies, the human instinct to survive and a little bit of anarchy.  The movie made everyone on a global scale take notice of how good a film maker he really is.

Then you had ‘Inception,’ about dreams, the human subconscious and a greedy Japanese businessman wanting to fuck a poor young man’s mind up. Clearly this was Warner Bros saying to Nolan, “OK you made us a billion dollars, here’s 200 million, go make whatever you want as a gift from us” and boy did he deliver. This movie however did not star Patrick Bateman, but it did star Ebenezer Scrooge, Kate Winslet’s frozen and dead boyfriend, the girl from ‘Juno,’ that lad from ‘3rd Rock From The Sun,’ and Charles Bronson. The best film of the last decade in my opinion. Chris Nolan took cinema back for us intelligent folk and entertained us as well as making us think and think very, very hard at that. Not to mention the film contains the greatest fight scene of all time. Oh, I just did. If I could pick one let down about ‘Inception,’ it is that my dreams are never as good as that.

Next year we’ll have Patrick Bateman and Ebenezer Scrooge back as well as Charles Bronson playing the bad guy in the final Batman movie. I am so pumped for it I could hit the iron. After that, due to it being the concluding part in the trilogy, Chris Nolan will probably start focusing on making his own films in the sense of story more frequently. If I could interview any director at the moment it’d be Nolan. He’s a genius who can make a movie engrossing and amazing to look at. Plus he hasn’t yielded to the annoying gimmick of 3D which makes me all the more fond of him. He is having the same level of impact on cinema as Steven Spielberg had in the 1980s. He is revolutionizing cinema once again. I have no doubt that in 30 years time, people will call him the greatest director of all time. Christoper Nolan truly is a modern day genius. Nolan I salute you.

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