Google Plus | The Anti Facebook

What is Google Plus?


Google Plus is the internet behemoth’s latest attempt at breaking into the social networking market that has taken over the internet on a colossus scale during the past five years.

Referred to as ‘The Facebook Killer’ or ‘The Anti Facebook’ Google Plus is giving the user, that’s you, the power to control who sees what when you share, who and when you speak to them, group instant messaging and group webcam chats.

The plus project is currently still in the beta stage and invitation only. I was invited, signed up and out of all my 200 plus friends on Facebook only one person was on it and that someone I don’t even like. However it gave me the opportunity to check out its features and what sets it apart from Facebook.

Taking what we hate about Facebook and making it a plus

One of the chief pet peeves many have about Facebook is privacy. Upon its conception, Facebook was always lauding itself as revolutionary as it offered each user exclusivity. We choose who to add as friends and who to share our profile and its information with. Facebook is arguably the most revolutionary website to come out of the internet, it has transformed the way people browse online and the way people keep in touch.

But there are negatives, and those negatives have started to grate on people, more in particular the more sophisticated of us. Some are;

  • Not being able to choose what to share with whom unless you use the diluted and often complicated custom privacy options.
  • Many people, mainly girls (it’s true) sharing uninteresting information about their private life, social life and relationship troubles.
  • The constant updates from the same friends who spam your news feed as a result.
  • Having to be careful about what you say about areas of life such as work because you may have colleagues and managers added to your friends list.
  • Companies using Facebook as a means to investigate potential new employees.

How has Google Plus taken advantage of the disadvantages of Facebook?

Circles, as seen below, are the Google Plus selling point. When you invite a potential friend, you do so by allocating them to a specific circle. You can create as many circles as you wish. Popular circles would be; Best Friends, Family, Work Colleagues, and Acquaintances. This allows you whenever sharing a video, photo, microblog or link to choose what circles to share that information with, subsequently what friends to share that with. Whatever you share is more likely to be of interest to those you share it with. That feature in itself covers all of the problems with Facebook as listed above.

Google+ Circles

What else does Google Plus offer that Facebook does not?

The new ‘hangout’ feature enables the user to enter into group chats on webcam with multiple people; a sort of ‘Multi-Skype.’

Google+ Hangout

On top of that the user can engage in group IM chats, useful for arranging a night out or party rather than individually contacting each person.

The layout of Google Plus as of now, I feel, is a ‘cleaner’ but similar style to Facebook, both with the profile page and feed.

Google+ Profiles

Will Google Plus pull people away from Facebook?

Many have stated that Facebook will simply invest in similar features to catch up. However, Google has one thing Facebook doesn’t have as much of; money. Google is one of the biggest companies on the planet nowadays; they have literally billions to invest into new projects. Along with that, they own and use some of the most used websites and tools available on the internet;

Analytics, Blogger, RSS, Youtube, Myspace, Webmaster Tools, Android Phones, Gmail, Picasa, Google Earth, Documents, Adwords, Adsense

Be sure that eventually most, if not all of these features and services will be incorporated into Google Plus. That is Google’s trump card over Facebook. So many use such applications and services that eventually people may just find themselves using Google Plus as all services may eventually be incorporated into the project meaning convenience. I feel with technology rapidly advancing that Google as a company will be far more equipped to keep up with that over Facebook. Maybe finally, Google after the debacle of ‘Buzz’ have caught onto a niche in the social networking market. It could just be the natural cycle of social network where we first had Friendster, Friends Reunited, then along came MySpace and Bebo until Facebook made its mark. Maybe Facebook’s power hold over social networking is finally weakening.


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