All about me hey!?
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I’m 23 years old as of now, 24 this year in December. I was born in Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead, Wirral in 1987. I was a good boy in school though I was suspended once for fighting, but still, I wasn’t complaining as it coincided with the 2002 World Cup. Win. I studied for my A-Levels, achieving OK grades in English and History. However, I decided not to go to university as I wanted to work and gain invaluable experience. It’s a choice I to an extent regret but to an extent don’t regret, I regret not experiencing the social aspect of it, but I don’t regret it because I’d be graduating at the worst possible time, with the whole country kissing its own arse and praying whilst in ridiculous debt.

I was raised religiously by my Mother and Father, who were Jehovah’s Witnesses, you know those annoying people who knock on your door. My mother still is but my Father isn’t. Tip: Invite them in, they won’t be expecting it and run. So I had a tough upbringing but still I was taught manners and never deprived of anything. It’s a complicated religion for people outside of it to get their head around. With unbelievably strict guidelines one must adhere to. Many of which have caused rifts in my family. But I’m not after sympathy and I’m not going to go all emo on you.

Like any other guy, I enjoy Sport, mainly football, a bit of tennis and formula one, video games, movies, writing and of course, big boobs on pretty women. I’m extremely sarcastic and often have views that go against the popular trend.

Workwise I’ve done different things, starting out as an office clerk for a law firm based on Merseyside. Had to quit that because my contract was transferred to a Bradford firm which I obviously couldn’t take. Ended up working in retail, which I despised but it was a job, one which after two and a half years resulted in me getting sacked for slagging off the manager after a disciplinary for some pathetic complaint made against me. I then ended up working for a website design company for a year from 2010 to June this year, carrying out and learning as I worked SEO. It’s something I’d like to do more of, any offers, let me know.
So I recently got made redundant, so I’m looking for work, I’d love to in my own time learn even more about website development and HTML and CSS. I think that’s a path I’d like to take as a career. Blogging fills the void in between job hunting.

So yeah, that’s enough about me. Hope you like what you read on here. Feel free to leave feedback and comments, they will be much appreciated.


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