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Google Plus | The Anti Facebook

What is Google Plus?


Google Plus is the internet behemoth’s latest attempt at breaking into the social networking market that has taken over the internet on a colossus scale during the past five years.

Referred to as ‘The Facebook Killer’ or ‘The Anti Facebook’ Google Plus is giving the user, that’s you, the power to control who sees what when you share, who and when you speak to them, group instant messaging and group webcam chats.

The plus project is currently still in the beta stage and invitation only. I was invited, signed up and out of all my 200 plus friends on Facebook only one person was on it and that someone I don’t even like. However it gave me the opportunity to check out its features and what sets it apart from Facebook.

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Christopher Nolan | A Modern Day Genius

Christopher Nolan

A Modern Day Genius

He’s a fucking class A director. I mean every film he’s ever made has been “woah, fuck me” material. Memento was his first mainstream movie, starring Guy Pearce from ‘Neighbours.’ A total mindfuck of a movie going both forwards and backwards at the same time. Then you had ‘Insomnia’ starring Mrs Doubtfire and Michael Corleone, well Robin Williams and Al Pacino. With them two starring it was hardly going to fail was it?

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Damien Comolli | The Future looks bright at Anfield

Dispelling the ‘Director of Football’ Myth

Damien Comolli was once seen as an enigmatic figure to say the least. From his time as a scout for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger to his ill-fated spell at White Hart Lane, Comolli had been treated as a hindrance to the incumbent managers at the clubs he had served. However the facts suggest otherwise.

Damien Comolli has brought plenty of young talented footballers from abroad and the lower leagues of English football to the Premier League. His more notable signings are that of Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy, Roman Pavlychencho and Dimitar Berbatov. Yet his arrival at Anfield was treated with trepidation. Why? In this country, we treat ‘Directors of Football’ as power hungry failed footballers or coaches who have nothing better to do than interfere with the manager and lay claim to any gem of a player they may find in Mongolia or The Congo. Remember Frank Arnesen? He was lauded as the man who discovered the Brazilian Ronaldo, even though most of the footballing world already knew about him.

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Jose Enrique | Newcastle to Liverpool

Another supposed long running saga regarding a supposed Liverpool transfer target. I suppose with the Stuart Downing and Charlie Adam signings completed it was inevitable the papers would start running this one again. Liverpool do need a left back however and on the basis of last season, Jose Enrique who put some decent performances in for Newcastle, I think he would be a fairly good signing. He’s quick footed, has a decent delivery, is good on the ball and has an attacking mindset. His defensive capabilities are questionable but there aren’t many full backs in world football who can defend to a world class level.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

So the teaser trailer for 2012’s biggest movie release ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’ has been released online. To be honest, it’s a bit of a half arsed attempt with a bit of footage from the first movie, Gary Oldman, The Voice of Bale and a flash of Tom Hardy as Bane. Still though, I’m fucking pumped for this movie. It’s the concluding chapter of the trilogy, and with Christopher Nolan at the helm once again, it surely won’t disappoint. Salute the Nolan.

Andrea Dossena, from Lodi to Legend.

One of the best articles I’ve read for some time. A tribute to the greatness of Andrea Dossena. Cruyff turns, Messi dribbles, delicious lobbings and the China lunar probing.

Read it here.

Emiliano Insua

Fuck me. Have you seen the size of him? The lad has seriously been pumping the iron whilst in Istanbul. Is it just me or does he look a bit like Carlos Tevez if his Mother hadn’t left the kettle so near the edge?