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Christopher Nolan | A Modern Day Genius

Christopher Nolan

A Modern Day Genius

He’s a fucking class A director. I mean every film he’s ever made has been “woah, fuck me” material. Memento was his first mainstream movie, starring Guy Pearce from ‘Neighbours.’ A total mindfuck of a movie going both forwards and backwards at the same time. Then you had ‘Insomnia’ starring Mrs Doubtfire and Michael Corleone, well Robin Williams and Al Pacino. With them two starring it was hardly going to fail was it?

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

So the teaser trailer for 2012’s biggest movie release ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’ has been released online. To be honest, it’s a bit of a half arsed attempt with a bit of footage from the first movie, Gary Oldman, The Voice of Bale and a flash of Tom Hardy as Bane. Still though, I’m fucking pumped for this movie. It’s the concluding chapter of the trilogy, and with Christopher Nolan at the helm once again, it surely won’t disappoint. Salute the Nolan.